Music has always taken a central part in my life and I believe my music education has helped shape my personality in many ways. I began my formal training with the drum kit at the age of 8. Over the years I have picked up various instruments using the help of the internet and teachers I have had the opportunity to interact with over the years. I am currently a multi-instrumentalist and possess compositional proficiency in the Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano, and the Ukulele.

I have made efforts to create communities that share and grow together as musicians and have had the most abundant of opportunities to work and collaborate along with amazing musicians and live music venues. 

Own Compositions

Stars On My Bed (Instrumental)

An Instrumental post rock original composition, my first take using the line6 Helix. I was able to achieve the right set of tones for the song and try out an open tuning on my guitar inspired by Joni Mitchell songs.

Stars On My Bed (Instrumental)

An Instrumental post rock original composition, my first take using the line6 Helix. I was able to achieve the right set of tones for the song and try out an open tuning on my guitar inspired by Joni Mitchell songs.

Blackbird Cover

An Instrumental cover of the Beatles song blackbird. 

Re-arranged, performed and mixed by Noel Alben. The inspiration was to make a dreamy version of this song that inspired me to pick up the guitar in the first place. I enjoy playing around with guitar tones and effects and most of the effects on this song were taken from the stock plugins of Logic Pro X.

Isolated (Percussion Collaboration)

Isolated is a track composed by Markdev Norohna, he was kind enough to ask me collaborate with him with the percussion and effects.

I was able to create a multi layer futuristic groove that fit well with the vibe of the song, I also helped with the final mix of the song.

Für Aastha

One of my first ever compositions recorded as a demo, just never found the time to finish it and might forever remain in this naked and vulnerable form.

Instrumental Covers

Gone Under (Drum Cover)

A studio drum cover of the Snarky Puppy track, Gone Under.

One of my favourite songs to play live, I had the massive opportunity to record this cover at Jam Music Conservatory, Kochin.

Lateralus (Live Drum Cover)

A live drum cover of the Tool Song, Lateralus. One of the most complicated songs I have learnt and it was a challenge to play the whole song live with all of its time signature shifts and polymeters. 

Recording and Mixing

Blackbird (A Capella Cover)

An A Cappella cover by my friend and wonderful singer Eva Rajan.

I had the opportunity to mix and master this track for youtube and social media as well as edit the final video.

Veena Music Video

A project for Frames In Motion, we were asked to shoot and record a music video for Akshita Y and her Veena. 

I recorded, mixed and mastered the Veena tracks using just the zoom H4n and Logic Pro X. 

Highlighted Performances 


Dhanasree Thillana (Live Rendition By Swarantraka)

A live rendition of Dhanasree Thailand popularised by the Progressive Carnatic Fusion Band Agam. This was performed for the inaugural festivities for Maaya 2018 at PESU-Electronic City Campus.

Splinter (Shaken Not Stirred OC)

The original composition 'Splinter' by the band Shaken Not Stirred performed at IIIT B Bangalore.

Communities and Initiatives 

The Blue Room

A non-profit space created to support and encourage musicians and music in Bangalore, hosting monthly concert series, workshops, jazz jams and more.

Worked as the in-house sound engineer and photographer at this beautiful venue.

The Dreams Project

Born out of the beautiful vision of the DREAMS program, the DREAMS Band brings together a group of talented and determined individuals from various locations of the DREAMS Project, who wish to make positive changes around them through the power of music. 

With the DREAMS Project band, I was given the opportunity to travel to remote schools with the goal of teaching and sharing the gift of music with underprivileged children.

Shaken Not Stirred

I pioneered and founded the first of its kind Western Band for PESIT. This 7 member band was the result of consistent hard work from the ground up in a university that is rather new to the music scene in Bangalore.

I managed, composed and took on the drum duties for the band.


A first of it's kind A Cappella team for PESIT - BSC. The group was founded by me in 2018

I had the honour of conducting, arranging and training 13 young singers who went on to participate and win various competitions in the Bangalore circuit - definitely one of my prized accomplishments!

Leadership Roles

In my 4 years of college, I was the head of the Music Club for 3 years to build a solid foundation and ensure that, the musicians within the college were given ample opportunity to take part in competitions and events around the city.

I took it upon myself to train and influence the budding musicians in my college.

I was also given the privilege to Head the Concert during our Annual Inter-Collegiate fest in 2019. During which I procured, managed and organised the final concert with the band 'Girish and The Chronicles' and an EDM DJ DUO.

Noel's Phantasmagorical Music World

A Discord server where I conduct regular listening rooms and events. A community for people that love listening to music. To introduce them to new music and share some insights into the music world and behind the scenes of an artist and their work.