I'm Noel Alben, a graduate student at the Centre for Music Technology Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA.

Welcome to my website!

This website hosts my personal and academic projects, a conglomerate of ideas, experiences and vision from the warped mind of a musician, filmmaker and Engineer.

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Frames In Motion

Frames In Motion is a production house founded and registered in 2017. I was only 17 years old when a group of friends and I decided to pursue our love for film and photography. We were very successful in sowing the seeds for what a year later, became a registered company. I took on the role of lead editor for most of our productions and occasionally dabbled in photography.

Through this company, I have had the opportunity to work along with a myriad of corporate and private clients ranging from NGO's, Youtubers, Influencers, music producers and budding Indie artists.

FIM News Article.pdf
WOW PVR screening .mov

Looking back at this wonderful article written by Alankrita Shome, featured on The Hindu.

It was a great privilege to have a video of ours featured in Vega City Mall, PVR Cinemas for the opening show of the Bollywood movie Padman. This video documents the incredible work done by the NGO, 'World of Women' over the span of many months.